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The Evolution Of Recovery

This shirt was constructed with two inner pockets that house ICE sheets to target the upper and lower back.

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Compression & ICCE Shirts

ICCE back recovery system is a compression shirt with built in
compartments that hold our lightweight long lasting
ice sheets to target your upper and lower back pain.


Back Recovery Shirt

Nylon and Spandex.  Our Back Recovery Shirt has anti-odor technology that gives you the stretch you need while absorbing less water than cotton blends.  

Two built in compartments that house our ice sheets (Included).

All sizes are unisex.  We recommend if you are between sizes to use 1 size smaller.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce recovery time
  • Stay cool, even in the heat
  • Compression material keeps you dry
  • Helps prevent swelling, inflammation and spasms
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  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • On-sale for a limited time!

Includes: 2x ICE sheets, ICCE compression shirt, and instructions


  • Josh Testimonial
    Police Officer

    My name is Josh I’m 38 years old and I’ve been a full-time police officer for 15 years. During those 15 years, I have been a SWAT Operator for 11 years and a Sniper for 10. In addition to my duties as a patrol officer, I train and teach combatives and firearms to cops, soldiers and security agents on an international level. When I am on the range or in the gym, my back takes the brunt of extended days wearing 50-plus pounds of safety and tactical gear.

    Before I was a police officer, I competed in Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) on a professional level. Now I enjoy freeride and down-hill mountain biking on an amateur level. I ask a lot of my body and it doesn’t recover as fast as it did when I was young and made of rubber.

    Whether it’s a tactical operation or a fun session of shredding trails on my bike, I recover smart and recover fast by wearing my ICCE Brand compression shirt. The shirt allows me to operate at work and partake in my favorite hobbies while providing repair and recovery to my sore back muscles.

    Have you ICCE’d yet?

  • Damon Testimonial
    US Navy

    ICCE Recovery is the real deal! I'm active duty Navy and train hard every day. Recently completed training and competed in my first fitness show. After long hard days in the gym, fast effective recovery was key.

    The ICCE Recovery gear was an essential part of my daily healing regimen. My thanks goes out to the ICCE Recovery Team for helping optimize my performance!!!

  • Cory Testimonial
    Police Officer

    As someone who has been in law enforcement for over 18 years and also a former high school and college athlete, my body has taken its fair share of wear and tear over the years. I have suffered from lower back pain over the last 10 years which has caused me at times to take over the counter pain relievers on a daily basis just to function.

    When Matt offered me the opportunity to try the ICCE back recovery shirt I was more than happy to give it a try. I have worn the shirt multiple times, using the inserts to apply ice to my lower back. The results have been great! My back pain has subsided and I'm able to function better than I have in years without taking pain relievers!

    I am able to wear the shirt while I exercise or while at work. I would definitely recommend this shirt for anyone who has suffered from chronic back pain and is looking for relief!

  • Matt Testimonial
    Police Officer/Owner

    I am a police officer and one of the owners of ICCE. Since I was a kid, I have had a huge passion for martial arts, more specifically as I got older, jujitsu. Jujitsu is the main reason the back recovery shirt came about.

    A long story short, my ego got the best of me in the gym one day, I got caught in a choke and should have tapped out. Being a little competitive and still thinking I am 20 years old I didn’t. I went home wondering why my left fingers and arm were numb and tried to figured out why my upper back hurt. I later learned that I received a herniated disk in C5/C6.

    I have always been one to try to fix things on my own rather than rely on doctors or medicine as staying healthy and fit have always been important to me. I found that icing my back took much of the pain away and allowed me to sleep better. During the day, I wanted to ice my back as it hurt but I didn’t have the time to lie around as I have four kids and a busy life. Anyway, I busted out the old sewing machine and with my skills amounting to making a duffle back in 7th grade, I sewed a pocket into an old work compression shirt to hold my ice pack.

    With icing, changing up my work out routine and using my home traction I was able to get the pain and tingling to go away. In about 10 months I got my full strength back to my left side. I was able to avoid surgery and recover on my own. I later added the lower pocket due to some acute lower back pain probably from wearing work gear on a daily basis. Needless to say, I believe ice is the key for pain management, inflammation and quicker recovery.